Women in Wholesale: Improve My Zoom

We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of working in recent months due to Covid-19 and that includes getting to grips with video calls.

Where previously we interacted face-to-face, the social-distancing measures we’ve been facing has meant human engagement has been kept at a minimum as we work from home – and Women in Wholesale (WiW) want to help you get the most out of your calls.

As part of WiW’s Take Control series, the group has partnered with HIM & MCA Head of Insight, Blonnie Walsh, to provide a seven-minute crash course on using Zoom and making presentations using video-conferencing tools.

From how to set up, to adapting content and presentation skills, Walsh has plenty of ideas that will improve your skills during a time of remote working, so it’s worth a watch.

Want more of Women in Wholesale’s Take Control series? Check out our Take Control section on the Wholesale News website to discover more exclusive content and advice throughout the next two months.

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