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New Country Range Group guide shows caterer care

Caterers will be receiving priceless support from Country Range Group (CRG) as they move out of the pandemic, thanks to its new Menu Solutions Guide.

The latest release in the foodservice buying group’s suite of brochures offers guidance and tops on how care caterers can take services to the next level.

The guide is available to all of CRG’s member wholesalers and has been launched via the group’s digital and social channels – as well as the wholesalers’ own platforms.

The content of the guide focuses on the various areas of their food provision that a care caterer needs to consider. The guide includes advice from care caterers as well as experts from the National Association of Care Catering in addition to providing lots of menu inspiration through the recipes.

“Working in a care catering environment can be very challenging for chefs as not only do they have to worry about their residents enjoying their meals but they also need to ensure that what they produce is nutritionally balanced and tailored for each individual,” said CRG Marketing Controller, Emma Holden.

“This is on top of providing a variety of meals and snacks throughout the day, seven days a week, so it can be a bit challenging at the best of times. This guide aims to offer top tips and guidance on how they can navigate the sector and take their offering to the next level.”

The guide’s sections are:

Planning Your Plates – Focusing on all aspects of menu planning from balancing calories and nutrients, plate presentation, the overall dining experience to adapting dishes to the seasons.

Nourishing Needs – Taking a closer look at the challenges chefs face on a daily basis accommodating the dietary requirements of each individual. The four most significant considerations are looked at, including what caterers should be aware of and how to handle complexities.

Time to Hydrate – Understanding the importance of keeping residents hydrated and how care operators can increase the opportunities for hydration throughout the day.

Staying Active – Having a variety of activities and events for residents to take part in is an incredibly important part of a care home operation. This section shares some advice from the NACC and a calendar of key dates and events that can provide inspiration for theming activities and events.

Keep it Clean – Looking at the importance of food hygiene standards in care home settings and how caterers can control the pathways in which residents receive food and reinforce practices to minimise contamination.

Talking Tables – Chefs from the sector offers their advice and tips on how to take care catering services to the next level.

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