Birchall Foodservice launches Natasha’s Law programme

Wholesaler running a series of initiatives to help caterers to get to grips with the forthcoming changes in labelling legislation

From 1 October 2021 Natasha’s Law comes into effect, meaning caterers will need to pay particular attention to how they label foods pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS).

To help caterers plan for the changes, the founder Country Range member has enlisted the services of two experts, allergen specialist Jacqui McPeake and environmental health officer, Jackie Dickinson. Both with be working closely with Birchalls to support their customers, and will be hosting a number of Natasha’s Law seminars at the wholesaler’s upcoming annual tradeshow, The BIG Event, on 5 October 2021. More than one hundred caterers are expected to attend this year’s event.

Louise Birchall, sales director at Birchall Foodservice said, “Natasha’s Law presents a big change for our industry, and we want to help our customers prepare for this new way of working. Caterers are currently facing big challenges brought about by the pandemic and Brexit, so we need to be there to help take away some of the stress of this next challenge.”

Birchalls has also introduced specialist labelling machines and software into its product portfolio to support caterers, and will be launching a dedicated Natasha’s Law support page on its website. They also provide live allergen information via their OrderMate ordering platform, and offer customer access to a special Natasha’s Law webinar recently hosted by Country Range’s Stir it Up magazine.

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