JJ Foodservice HGV drivers

Pay increase to entice drivers to JJ Foodservice

Wholesaler JJ Foodservice has used the salary on offer for HGV drivers to attract people to take up its vacancies.

The pay rise – that now totals £40,ooo per annum – will cover all drivers around the Unitas member’s London branches.

That represents a £5,000 increase, with drivers currently working out of JJ’s Enfield, Dagenham and Sidcup branches earning £35,000.

And to further dangle the carrot for new recruits, drivers will have access to the wholesaler’s fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and will be offered consistent start times rather than rotas and shifts – meaning no evening or weekend work.

“Drivers already have a hard job [and] we want to create the best working environment for them with the comfort of an office job,” said JJ’s Head of Operations Kaan Hendekli.

“On top of offering a great work-life balance, our drivers also have a stable, daily routine and the support of a driver’s mate.

“Offering excellent working conditions for drivers will help us to grow our delivery team to support even more customers in the future.”

Drivers can apply for any of the positions on the vacancy page of the JJ Foodservice website.

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