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Nothing fishy about Brakes’ latest MSC accolade

Brakes and M&J Seafood were celebrating the ultimate catch of the day when they were named as MSC Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year.

A focus on provenance, a large range of MSC-approved products and the a strong sustainable seafood proposition were enough to top the, er, scales of victory in the wholesaler’s favour.

The win maintained Brakes and M&J Seafood’s proud record of winning an award every year since the Marine Stewardship Council launched their awards in 2014.

“Combining M&J’s seafood expertise and Brakes’ foodservice knowledge gives customers access to a unique foodservice fish proposition,” said Brakes’ Fish and Seafood Category Manager Charlotte Howkins and M&J Senior Category Manager Sarah Phillips in joint statement.

“We know that customers want seafood products that meet sustainable, assured standards, particularly with growing consumer concerns over the environment.  That’s why most of our seafood range now comes with certification (either MSC, MCS or ACS), with more than half produced to MSC standards.

“We want customers to be confident that when they serve up any fish dish, they do so reassured that it is sourced sustainably and responsibly. Something that we know resonates with consumers.”

There was nothing fishy about the award, though, as Brakes and M&J boast the largest MSC range in wholesale – and they’ve not fin-ished yet, with the recent launches of hoki fillet products, a cod fillet and a fish cake.

“While we’re delighted to have won the MSC award every year since it was launched in 2014, at Brakes, it’s about making sure that we meet customers’ expectations and offer them the product range that they want,” added Howkins.

“Working hand in hand with M&J Seafood, we’ve big plans to expand our MSC range, rigorously working with the MSC towards our common goal of safeguarding the future of our oceans, so watch this space.”

You can’t blame them for, ahem, carping on about it…

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