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TWC and Confex form new data partnership

Confex and TWC have joined forces to launch a new data partnership that will transform sales information for the buying group’s members.

Confex Data Insight is a sales-reporting platform that will offer a competitive advantage to members by identifying opportunities for suppliers.

The new data service, which is hosted on TWC’s SmartView platform, will give a reliable read on group sales performance – including Confex’s Central Distribution – and evidence what is happening across the group, providing unique insights to the Head Office team, its suppliers and members.

This will help them understand market influences and opportunities to assist them accelerate growth and commercialise opportunities as evidenced in the data.

“Confex key suppliers and members have been very supportive since the inception of this project, emphasising the desire for growth through collaboration across the Confex group,” said Confex Managing Director Tom Gittins.

“Phase two of this programme will see a weekly data feed accounting for more than 60% of group sales as we move forward into 2022.

“We look forward to working with our members, TWC and our supply partners to create market leading Insight for the independent wholesale channel.”

TWC’s SmartView platform also provides Confex’s central office team to gain clarity on sales performance, giving them the chance to have data-led conversations with suppliers about how to develop sales.

It also means that data is much easier to understand and accessible to all, so members, suppliers and buyers will all have a similar view of Confex performance.

Confex is the latest buying group TWC has partnered with to offer a data service, with insight business also entering a deal with foodservice rivals Caterforce in October 2020 and the likes of Country Range, Unitas and Parfetts also using the service.

And TWC Development Director Tom Fender says it’s a trend that is set to continue – after all, he’s seen it in the numbers.

“Data is one of the most powerful components that wholesalers hold in their business and undoubtedly can provide the acceleration to growth.   We are delighted that Confex has recognised the power of data and value of optimising opportunities quickly and decisively in today’s technology driven society.”

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