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Ten-year celebrations for First Choice Foodservice

First Choice Foodservice are celebrating a fantastic first decade supplying the foodservice sector – with turnover increasing from £1 million a year to £15m in that time.

The Fairway Foodservice member was founded in 1980 but after initially earning a name for itself serving independent retailers, it turned to supplying frozen food to foodservice outlets in 2011.

Back then, the delivery fleet was made up of only three vehicles and has grown to 30, which support more than 1,000 caterers.

Since 2011, First Choice has continued to invest in its people, the customer experience and technology. In 2017, the company launched the First Choice Foodservice App, which has helped to drive sales, with more and more customers signing up to the platform.

“Having transitioned away from the retail sector, we are now 100% foodservice,” says Managing Director, Steve Ainger. “We stock everything a chef would ever need, from fresh fruit and veg and fresh meat to dry store grocery, chilled goods and a range of non-food essentials. Added to this is our growing portfolio of frozen foods.”

More recently they have added a fourth freezer extension to their Burton-upon-Trent facility, giving First Choice a total of 15,000 sq. feet dedicated to the frozen range, which now runs to more than 1,000 lines.

“When we moved from independent retail to foodservice 10-years ago, we went in rather blind,” Ainger added.

“Since joining Fairway Foodservice, our reputation in the sector has benefited hugely as a result of strategic product selection, marketing and advertising.

“I’m incredibly proud of the whole team at First Choice, a company which I have been a part of for over 40-years. We have proven ourselves to be a key player in the foodservice industry, creating a loyal customer base, who have resolutely supported us, particularly of course over the past 18 months or so. I’m especially excited to see where the next 10-years will take us.”

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