Bidfood supports chefs with diabetes e-learning

In recognition of Diabetes Week 2022, Bidfood has created a diabetes module on their e-learning platform, Caterers Campus

The module has been developed to help caterers providing meals for those living in care with the medical condition.

More than 4.9 million people in the UK have diabetes and customer insight has revealed that catering for diabetes within the care sector is especially challenging, as care homes are operating under tight budgets and rising food costs.

The new module, ‘Diabetes: understanding carbohydrates and blood sugar’, which includes understanding the causes and symptoms of diabetes, plus how to cater for diabetes as well as menu planning, has been designed to equip care home staff with the right information and guidance. Made up of more than 30 chapters, the unit also features a knowledge test at the end.

Caterers Campus was launched last year to support those in the industry when catering for residents’ individual needs. Modules also include dysphagia, dementia and costing.

“We understand how difficult it is to consistently create nutritious and delicious meals for residents’ individual requirements,” said Gemma Benford, Bidfood’s Head of Customer and Channel Marketing.

“Through this new module, we are continuing on our mission to provide an educational and interactive way to make the lives of the chefs preparing meals within care homes easier, whilst also providing them with inspirational, on-trend recipes.”

Bidfood diabetes e-learning Gemma Benford