James Hall & Co forklift truck

£200,000 investment to “strengthen” James Hall & Co operation

They’re quite literally driving improvements and lifting standards at James Hall & Co with a £200,000 investment.

The Spar wholesaler has invested in brand-new forklifts and picking trucks at its distribution centre in Preston.

Three new Linde R20 forklift trucks have been purchased on a replacement programme helping support the 15-strong fleet in the ambient warehouse.

They have the capability to lift loads of 2,500kg with a reach of up to 11 metres in height.

Linde have also supplied the business with six new N20 front-facing picking trucks for the ambient warehouse as part of the 30-strong fleet, bringing the new total investment cost to approximately £200,000.

On average, a forklift truck will travel 90 miles and a picking truck 75 miles each week around the ambient warehouse and they are operational across a 24-hour period.

The trucks are fitted with exchange batteries that enable them to be operational 24-hours, and the front facing picking trucks have improved comfort and efficiency for operators, while providing them with increased vision, leading to fewer impacts and damage.

“We have held a relationship with Linde for 12 years now as our main manual handling equipment provider and we continue to invest in the highest quality equipment to enhance the business’ efficiency,” said James Hall & Co Warehouse Manager Les Abbott.

“Our ambient warehouse is an exceptionally busy place and we need vehicles that we can rely on. We are very pleased with the nine new additions to our fleet and they have helped strengthen our operation.”

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