Bestway kicks off World Cup-themed campaign

The World Cup’s big kick off might still be a few days away, but Bestway is already getting the footie action underway in its depot

The wholesaler has launched its nationwide World Cup campaign with the backing of more than £250,000 investment, following in the footsteps of its successful themed Christmas, summer and Platinum Jubilee activations.

The World Cup campaign has been designed to disrupt and engage the retailer in their journey through the installations, which provide a powerful backdrop to market-leading deals driving shopper footfall throughout the World Cup tournament and also providing theatre, visual appeal and some fun.

The campaign hosts suppliers and leading promotions in a world-class football stadium, complete with a goal for retailers shopping in the depot to enjoy the atmosphere and join in the fun by showing off their own fancy footwork.

Retailers can enjoy visiting the impressive World Cup stadium that provides the excitement and drama of football and showcases 23 major supplier brands and their World Cup products. There are two supplier-branded players tunnels leading to the pitch, which is surrounded by perimeter advertising boards and promotional product pallets.

Large digital screens will highlight special products, retailer promotions, supplier content to entice and engage retailers. The top-scoring promotions will help drive footfall for retailers for key lines including beer, soft drinks and snacks.

The campaign is supported by a series of competitions, with prizes to the value of over £50k to be won. Participating retailers will have the chance to win prizes during the four-week campaign, ranging from World Cup-branded footballs, high-street vouchers, an Xbox bundle, LED TVs – while one lucky winner will have the chance to enter the ‘Win A Van’ competition.

“The World Cup presents a huge sales opportunity as consumers will be looking to elevate their at-home viewing with drinks and snacks,” said Trading Director Kenton Burchell.

“It’s a great opportunity for our retailers – we’ve created a destination for them to shop for our deals which have been carefully selected to provide the lowest prices across key lines for this occasion. Our deals reflect the shopper missions for this occasion, with a big focus on beer packs, soft drinks and snacks.

“The key is having the right product at the right price – reflecting the shopper missions and having the theatre to bring it to life. These things co-exist – one thing on its own is not going to optimise the opportunity.

“Our World Cup stadium encompasses theatre, is a great forum for suppliers to showcase their World Cup products and is the perfect backdrop to what is the world’s greatest sport and the beautiful game.

“We’ve devoted a significant sum to prizes and promotions to help retailers enjoy even more profitable trading over the World Cup. We hope the campaign will encourage our retailers to make Bestway their destination of choice ahead of this World Cup to buy their products and by doing so, be rewarded – our whole aim is helping our customers optimise this opportunity for their businesses and their customers this World Cup.”

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