Costco teams up to embrace solar

Costco has joined forces with Engenera Renewables Group to support its members in combatting soaring energy costs through the adoption of solar power

In today’s retail landscape, where energy prices are reaching unprecedented heights and the urgency to address global warming is more pressing than ever, households are actively seeking sustainable solutions. Recognising the need to both reduce costs and address global warming, Engenera Renewables Group and Costco have announced a strategic partnership that enables Costco members to access tailor-made solar PV systems with warranty.

All systems will exclusively be designed and installed by Engenera Renewables, and will feature fully calibrated high energy-yielding solar panels, a 5.4kW Huawei battery and a smart energy inverter. Customers will also benefit from a Smart Home App that helps to track performance and displays generation and consumption data.

Lloyd Lawson, Chief Strategy Officer, Engenera Renewables said: “Underpinning this deal is a commitment from both companies to help people; rising energy costs are putting incredible strain on households. Embracing renewable energy offers a way of reducing bills and offering long-term energy security, while also doing the right thing for the planet in the context of global warming.”

Costco solar energy sustainability