SLTA welcomes retention of minimum unit pricing of alcohol in Scotland

The SLTA (Scottish Licensed Trade Association) has welcomed the recent announcement by the Scottish Government to retain minimum unit pricing (MUP) in Scotland

The trade association said that controls on pricing continue to be the foundation for other complementary policies to be effective in cracking down on irresponsible pricing and promotions.

Colin Wilkinson, SLTA managing director, commented: “The retention of and the proposed increase in the level of MUP will help avoid a return to the days of deep discounting and irresponsible promotions which were particularly seen in supermarkets where alcohol, on some occasions, was being sold cheaper than bottled water and below cost as a loss-leader.”

Mr Wilkinson said the introduction of MUP in May 2018 helped bring back price stability to the market and described the Scottish Government’s policy as “robust”, adding: “Minimum unit pricing is one policy where we wholeheartedly support the Scottish Government for its robust action.

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