Sugro launches new e-loyalty scheme

Sugro has rolled out a loyalty scheme to reward its members’ customers and drive customer loyalty into their e-commerce platforms

Retailers will be offered rewards for completing different tasks associated with participating brands, such as purchasing a certain quantity of a particular product or range, then taking a picture of the in-store display as evidence of execution.

Working with their e-commerce partner, Sugro’s wholesale members can now add a new rewards hub onto their online ordering app for customers to encourage them to earn money off future purchases.

The first Sugro member to launch the rewards function was Welsh wholesaler R&I Jones. R&I Jones’ customers will now see an extra tab named Rewards in the menu toolbar, leading to a page that shows customers the latest tasks available for them to do in order to receive a discount.
“Getting our wholesale members to embrace digital solutions and drive even more sales online is a key part of our strategy for growth, and we believe the new e-loyalty scheme will play a big role in this,” said Yulia Petitt, Head of Commercial and Marketing.