A WOW moment

Queenie Porter, managing director of WOW HYDRATE, shares how the brand’s partnership with Manchester United is a first step towards global recognition

I am thrilled to share the news of our recent partnership with Manchester United, a collaboration poised to drive innovation and expand our reach within the wholesale and convenience sectors.

WOW HYDRATE has experienced remarkable growth within the sports nutrition market. From our humble beginnings as a children’s drink, we have evolved into a brand recognised for providing healthier alternatives to traditional sports beverages.

Our journey took a significant turn when we became associated with renowned figures like Tyson Fury, Kevin de Bruyne and Harry Maguire, catapulting us into the spotlight of sports hydration.

Our portfolio of partnerships, including West Ham Women, Essex Cricket Club and others has solidified our presence within the UK sports landscape. However, our recent venture with Manchester United marks a major milestone in our quest for global recognition.

The partnership with Manchester United is not just about branding; it’s about driving tangible value for our wholesale and convenience partners.

By collaborating closely with the club’s nutritionists, we’ve introduced a co-branded Red Cherry electrolyte drink, tailored to meet the needs of athletes and consumers alike. This innovative product reflects our commitment to leveraging partnerships to bring new propositions to the wholesale and convenience sectors.


The rapid growth of WOW HYDRATE underscores our dedication to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. Our brand selling team is actively utilising the Manchester United partnership to introduce consumers to exciting new offerings in the wholesale and convenience sectors.

Through strategic collaborations and product development, we aim to redefine the sports hydration market and offer consumers healthier choices.

While the sports drink market is competitive, we believe our sugar-free protein and electrolyte products offer a unique proposition for health-conscious consumers. By targeting both sports enthusiasts and unconventional athletes, we’re able to tap into diverse consumer segments and expand our market presence.

Looking ahead, WOW HYDRATE remains committed to long-term growth and expansion. Our partnership with Manchester United is just the beginning of our journey towards becoming a global brand. With plans to explore emerging sports and expand into new geographies, we’re poised to cement our position as a leader in the sports hydration industry.

Our partnership with Manchester United represents a significant opportunity for WOW HYDRATE to drive sales and innovation in the wholesale and convenience world. By capitalising on this collaboration and staying true to our commitment to excellence, we’re confident that WOW HYDRATE will continue to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Queen Porter Soft Drinks supplier WOW Hydrate