Erudus Chief Operating Officer, Jon Shayler

Mock trial worth wholesalers’ attentions

Erudus COO Jon Shayler encourages industry to take notice of legal seminar

A mock trial aimed at raising awareness of legal obligations on allergens to food businesses shouldn’t be ignored, according to Erudus Chief Operating Officer Jon Shayler.

Shayler has pledged his support to the seminar – which is being hosted by training consultancy Food Allergy Aware and law firm Blake Morgan – to improve knowledge of allergen information following a string of news stories highlighting several issues on the high street in 2018.

And with Erudus supplying wholesalers and caterers with instant access to food specifications on its platform, the company believes the law seminar will promote a crucial issue facing the industry.

“We’re really looking forward to this event, with the outcome providing insight to everyone in foodservice about the potential repercussions of getting it wrong,” said Shayler.

“From manufacturers to wholesalers and caterers, allergen information is something that must be adhered to in order to avoid prosecution and potentially catastrophic consequences.

“I’m hopeful that the mock trial will show how the correct allergen information and product specifications can be identified and made easily available to all parties.”

The interactive event will see practising barristers and solicitors play out a fictional prosecution of a food business involved in the supply of produce containing allergens that have been incorrectly listed.

The trial, which is being hosted at Blake Morgan’s New Kings Court office in Eastleigh on Wednesday 20 March, will also examine the responsibility of each party involved in the supply chain, and the dynamics of due diligence and product recall.

“Running a food business means understanding the complexities of what goes into each product and how that’s traced across the supply chain,” said Blake Morgan Senior Associate Barrister, Tom Walker.

“Getting it wrong can be extremely serious, so we’re pleased to be working with Food Allergy Aware to highlight the risks and responsibilities – and what companies can be do to make sure they’re taking action to keep people safe.”

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