What’s in April’s Wholesale News?

Country Range supports the nation’s brightest young chefs and much more

We’ve all well versed in the pressures on wholesale businesses. With low margins, rising staff costs and spare cash at a premium, additional spends aren’t regularly met with much optimism.

However, when Country Range was given the opportunity to support a Student Chef Challenge that covered the UK, the foodservice group jumped at the opportunity. With the industry’s interests at heart, Country Range through itself into helping with the organisation and sponsorship of the event that will – hopefully – spawn the next generation of top young chefs.

It was enough to entice Wholesale News into a visit to one of the competition’s heats to find out the rationale behind putting resource into something that is unlikely to offer financial returns. It’s fascinating and well worth a read, which is why it’s our cover feature for April’s edition.

There’s lots to sink your teeth into this month, so aside from reading up on Country Range’s efforts, it’s well worth picking up a copy. As a preview, here are some of the big discussion points below, while inside the mag there are columns, opinions and insight galore.

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Challenging tomorrow’s talent

With chefs queueing up to take part in Country Range’s annual student competition, Wholesale News asks why the foodservice buying group puts so much time and effort into supporting the next culinary generation

“This is the best job I’ve ever had”

Unitas Managing Director Darren Goldney looks back at the newly formed buying group’s first months and reveals why he believes he’s the man to lead the change for independents

Sharing’s caring

With wholesalers being told that sharing confectionery and snacks is a growing area, Wholesale News aims to get all the major questions answered about why it’s on the increase and how you can profit

Law changes to step up illicit fight

With new track and trace regulations set to be rolled out in May, Japan Tobacco International Head of Communications Mark Yexley answers the key questions

Set your sales sizzling this summer

Whether it’s down to premiumisation, the trend for healthy eating or stocking meat-free options, a successful product range for barbecue has never been so diverse. But don’t fret, our experts are on hand to help

Bottle it up

There’s no such thing as simply picking up a bottle of water any more, with plenty of flavours, varieties and nuances to consider when stocking up your depot



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