Erudus seeks feedback from foodservice businesses

Steering groups launched to improve company’s product data software

Across the foodservice industry, wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers are being invited to join new steering groups to help shape the future of the company’s leading software for food product data.

Erudus is currently the place to go for nutritional and allergen information and aims to secure its position in the future by collecting views and opinions from foodservice businesses at two events to be held in September; one for wholesalers and another for manufacturers and suppliers. As well as hosting discussions between users and the food product business’s technical and development teams, the company will reveal its plans for future projects and developments.

Jon Shayler, Erudus Chief Operating Officer, says: “This is an incredibly exciting time for Erudus and its users. We have launched several integration partnerships and our reach across the industry has grown at a fast rate as brands continue to take allergen and nutritional data more seriously.

“Listening to the foodservice professionals is vital for our future success and to always deliver food product data solutions that make a positive difference.

“These committee meetings are a chance to get engaged users in a room to give them a voice to tell us the things they like, don’t like, would like to see introduced and would like to see removed or changed. Their feedback, ideas and opinions will help shape the future direction of Erudus.”

Shayler adds: “We constantly review how we engage with our users and our aim is for each committee to meet twice a year, as well as encourage further use of our Slack channel for year-round conversations about how the software can be improved.”

Erudus has more than 90,000 manufacturers, caterers and wholesalers using its software, which contains more than 60,000 products.

Visit for more information on the events.

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