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Digital advancements on the way at Bestway

Bestway’s wholesale customers stand to benefit from a series of digital developments the wholesaler has made to its digital platforms.

The cash and carry juggernaut has implemented a series of functions, including improved product search, better web speed, easier multi-buy shopping and further utilisation of RNF’s customer-engagement platform, Beam.

The enhancements are expected to make it much easier to use Bestway’s channels, saving customers time and directing them towards products to make a difference in their stores.

“Our digital developments are geared to make the customer online shopping experience more convenient, as we seek to maintain our position as digital leaders within wholesale. We also look for ways to help suppliers drive sales too,” said Trading Director Kenton Burchell.

“Recent updates are based on analysis of user behavior across our apps and websites. For example, we use Beam to manage supplier advertising campaigns across our apps. Through customer feedback, we have established the need to adapt this software and have worked with RNF to do this.”

The new search function on the Best One website automatically updates each day, allowing customers to see the most popular products and most-searched items, while recommendations are shown to customers based on their basket and using data from other customers’ purchases.

Bestway’s customer app has also received a boost, as the wholesaler has used RNF’s new Beam functionality to advertise based on a user’s behaviour. Previously the same advertising campaign appeared every time a customer opened the app, even if the app was reopened after just a few minutes. With the new functionality, Bestway can limit the number of times a customer sees the same advert and the customer can dismiss ads they don’t want to see, guaranteeing they feel in control. This benefits suppliers too as their adverts are less likely to be dismissed as spam.

RNF Managing Director, Rob Mannion, said: “User experience is everything and customers that are high frequency app users do not want to be bombarded with the same ad multiple times a day. This new functionality allows Bestway to tailor this to its customers to ensure an optimum experience and better response rates to marketing communications.”

The launches come at an exciting time for Bestway, which announced an innovative new partnership with Uber Eats at the end of 2019.

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