Virtual trade show launches new virtual trade capability

A new method for wholesalers to host virtual trade events has been launched, courtesy of

The e-commerce platform has unveiled its Virtual Trade Event (VTE) facility to help wholesale customers host trade shows and avoid losing much-needed revenue normally delivered by physical events.

VTE allows wholesalers to create bespoke, virtual and standalone shops in place of traditional depot-based events, complete with promotional space for specific products and suppliers.

Wholesalers can then encourage customers to sign up ahead of the event, providing them with a specific login, which gives them access to the event. Product and advertising slots can work in much the same way as they would at physical events and can be managed within

As an extra aid, offers full support to manage the event, with an onboarding manager to ensure the day runs smoothly and an analytics service available to review its effectiveness.

“As well as offering a practical alternative to one of the mainstays of the year, Virtual Trade Events can also offer a number of advantages over their in-depot counterparts, such as the ability to adapt promotional activity in real time and reduced set up and operational costs,” said and RNF CEO, Rob Mannion.
“We have vast experience running these types of events, having successfully done so for some of the largest wholesalers in the UK. This new offering from will help wholesalers continue to benefit from  trade events in these uncertain times but in a much more controlled and cost-effective way.”
A number of wholesalers have already hosted virtual events since March and with no sign of large groups congregating again for a while, online seems to be the way forward. RNF Rob Mannion trade show virtual