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eWholesale Collective: Wholesale subscription services

There’s no doubt the world of wholesale e-commerce is changing beyond recognition. But where could it head in the future?

The idea of wholesale subscription services is nothing new – and was discussed as part of this group’s hackathon event at the end of 2019 – but whether they will ever become a feasible reality is another matter entirely.

The issue was raised again by Store Excel’s David Gilroy with his question to the group. And while the way trends will develop are hard to pin down right now, the group discussed how they saw subscription services working and if they should even be consider a new phenomena.

On our panel were Red Bull Head of Category Management & E-Commerce, Lotte Tregear, Diageo Digital Strategy Manager Kerry Morrison and Digital Commerce Customer Development Leader Tom Manktelow from Mars Wrigley.

Alongside them were Dee Bee Wholesale Trading Director Andy Morrison, JJ Foodservice COO Mushtaque Ahmed and TWC Director Tanya Pepin.

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