Dee Bee Wholesale Trading Director Andy Morrison

Dee Bee Wholesale steps up war on food waste

Food never need be a problem again for Today’s stores in Dee Bee Wholesale’s region due to an innovative new digital platform.

The Unitas member has teamed up with Gander to provide Today’s retailers with automated information to flag close-to-expiry date foods in their store – allowing them to discount and sell them, rather than throwing them away.

The app is available to all Today’s retailers within Dee Bee’s radius and easily integrates with the stores’ EPOS system, Re-Scan.

Not only will the technology stop food waste, but also provide even greater value for consumers.

“This revolutionary app represents a significant step for Dee Bee as we encourage our customers to make more sustainable choices when shopping,” said Non-Executive Consultant, John Heagney.

“Working closely with the Gander team has enabled us to ensure less food is ending up in landfill and going to waste. With the Ganderlytics tool we are able to see essential insights into which reduced foods are selling in each store and how this is having an impact. It really is a game changer for us.

“Having implemented Gander into all of the company owned Today’s convenience store network, it has become very quickly apparent that the benefits are far reaching. Gander helps us to lower our food waste by giving customers visibility of reduced items through a very good app and therefore helping to minimise waste.”

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