Thomas Ridley Natasha's Law labelling

Natasha’s Law: Thomas Ridley launches labelling solution

Thomas Ridley customers will receive help to comply with Natasha’s Law, thanks to a new labelling solution.

The foodservice wholesaler has created a bespoke service that allows customers to select the ingredients they use in a particular recipe and the system will do the rest – generating a label showing all the ingredients and highlighting the allergens in bold capitals.

The labels will also include space to add a logo, a description of the product, as well as a use-by date. All recipes are then saved to system so they can be reprinted and audited at a later date.

Thomas Ridley’s new service will be available to all account customers on an initial three-month trial and is ready in time for the 1 October introduction of Natasha’s Law for all food businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which requires full ingredient lists and allergen labelling to appear on all pre-packaged foods.

“Natasha’s Law is a significant change to how operators label their products and we have worked really hard to come up with an easy and bespoke solution for our customers,” said Thomas Ridley Sales Director Paul Knight.

“Our easy-to-use software highlights ingredients and their allergens as well as providing an area to add logos and product descriptions.  Following the simple step-by-step process, bespoke labels are created easily and quickly.”

Thomas Ridley isn’t the only Country Range Group member that’s leading the way on Natasha’s Law rules for their customers, with fellow foodservice wholesaler Birchall Foodservice also launching a series of initiatives in the coming weeks.

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