Marcus Vallance SalesOut and Julian Owen Turner Price

Founder Marcus Vallance rejoins SalesOut

SalesOut have re-hired founder and former Executive Vice President Marcus Vallance to head up its wholesale division.

Vallance (pictured above, left) joins as Head of Wholesale and will spearhead of the data insight company’s mission of putting data-driven decisions at the heart of the entire sector.

Since leaving SalesOut in 2016 – after founding the business in 2003 – Vallance pursued other business interests in the wholesale sector and beyond.

And his return comes at a key time for SalesOut, with the company also undergoing a full brand refresh and launching a new website this month too.

“A lot has changed in the past 18 years,” said Vallance on his reappointment.

“When we started SalesOut, there was no such thing as commercially available data in the wholesale industry. Now every forward-thinking wholesaler has commercialised their data for the benefit of their suppliers. However, even now data is not used to its full potential to drive daily decisions.

“SalesOut enables its partners to know more, engage more and sell more.

As the market leader, we will continue leading from the front and with tools like augment decision making, machine learning and predictive analytics, as well as a number of innovative new products and services, we will be taking the wholesale sector into its next phase of data utilisation.”

One of Vallance’s first public tasks since returning to the role was attending last week’s FWD conference, where he featured as a speaker.

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