Tree-mendous gesture by Sugro to cover carbon cost

Sugro has planted more than 300 trees to offset the carbon emissions created by its recent convention.

The buying group jetted off 70 wholesalers and suppliers to Dubai for the event earlier this month. But recognising the negative impact the trip would have on the climate, Sugro found a way to make up for it.

Working with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, the Nantwich-based group calculated the cost of the event and arranged for more than 300 trees to be planted in Somerset.

And to confirm the gesture will have a positive long-term impact, Creating Tomorrow’s Forest have ensured that a conservation covenant will be applied to the areas where the trees are planted.

It’s an approach Sugro’s Managing Director Neil Turton is keen to replicate in the future to neutralise some of the carbon the sector creates.

“Events that are ‘special’ are part of Sugro’s unique culture to bring wholesalers and suppliers together,” said Turton.

“We are acutely aware of the need to be carbon and climate responsible and have measured the environments cost of this and event and reinvested into a physical, UK-based, tree-planting scheme to offset the carbon impact.

“We intend to do this for all future Sugro events outside the UK.“

Neil Turton Sugro sustainability