Bulk buys the way to beat inflation rises – JJ Foodservice

JJ Foodservice is encouraging its consumer customers to save money by buying in bulk.

The foodservice wholesaler – which launched a same-day consumer service in response to the Covid-19 outbreak – is championing its “chef quality” offerings to avoid inflated prices elsewhere.

The wholesaler traditionally supplies restaurants and takeaways, but has seen a positive growth in its consumer offering since the launch – and hopes to provide a strong alternative to beat the current cost-of-living crisis.

As a leading supplier to hotels, restaurants and pubs, the wholesaler also has a wide range of ‘chef-quality ingredients at wholesale prices’ including premium steak cuts, which are now available in smaller pack sizes as part of the JJ Home range.

“We sell many grocery essentials including fresh poultry, cheese, vegetable oil and flour in slightly bigger packs, but the savings are really worthwhile,” said Chief Product Officer, Sezer Ozkul.

“You can buy a fresh UK beef fillet from just £4.10 per steak, or a T Bone from £8.69 – they usually go for about £25 in a restaurant,” said Sezer.

“We sell them in packs of five, so once you chip in with a few friends or neighbours, you can be eating chef quality food at home, at an affordable price.”

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