Payment terms for the food and beverages industry

Hokodo offers flexible payment terms for UK food and beverage wholesalers. Grow your business and simplify operations with a payment experience designed to keep customers coming back for more.

From credit scoring, insurance and collections to setting limits, offering credit involves lots of moving parts that are – traditionally – supplied by a variety of disconnected vendors. And that’s before you’ve even thought about processing payments online or in store!

Are you accepting card payments in a cash and carry set up? Our solutions can be incorporated into your membership schemes to give payment terms to buyers, or enable upfront payment if desired, without incurring expensive processing fees.

During the pandemic, many food and beverages wholesalers were forced to slash credit limits for buyers. As we emerge from the other side of COVID-19, a growing long tail of smaller restaurants are once again demanding trade credit.

But it doesn’t just benefit buyers. You know that payment terms and membership schemes help you to hit business goals. They accelerate growth by encouraging more purchases, higher conversion and customer loyalty. With 60% of B2B trade taking place on payment terms, this is no small thing.

Bringing all the elements of trade credit management onto one platform, Hokodo will work with you to optimise conversion whilst keeping a control on costs overall. You only need to work with one provider to:
– Manage limits and collections
– Optimise your conversion vs payments costs in store and online
– Provide credit insurance
– If desired, improve cash flow with financing

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