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Standards & Dignity at Work Charter

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From the Charter:

UK Convenience and Wholesale is a vibrant, thriving sector that offers positive work opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people. However, the labour pool is shrinking, and it is our collective responsibility to make the industry an attractive place to work in order to sustain the sector and the economy. A core component of this is to ensure the safety and dignity of our people at work.

Our commitment

• We believe everyone has the right to a safe and respectful working environment.

• We value each other and respect each other’s human rights and individual differences. We celebrate these differences and rely on them to help create an energising culture; a culture that is inclusive of all individuals and benefits from diversity of thought, skills, experience.

• There is no place for any form of harassment, discrimination, aggression or misconduct in our industry. Such behaviour runs contrary to the ideals of the industry.

Our purpose

We are committed to improving the standards of behaviour during interactions between colleagues from different businesses, either in commercial dealings, or at industry events and other places where people meet, so that everyone in the industry feels positive and confident that they will be able to work and flourish in the sector.

Read the Charter in full here.