Cerve – Connecting the Food Service Ecosystem

Cerve delivers advanced technology developed specifically for food and beverage wholesalers of any size, providing a clear path to transforming any digital ordering platform into a bespoke curated experience for each one of your customers. Our patented deep integration with a wholesaler’s ERP platform means that whatever data and information you currently use to run your business will always be the one presented to your customer. 100% accurate, all of the time, to all of your customers, with zero effort.

Our unique integrations have proven to increase customer engagement and retention with 23% increase in cart values, as well as lowering administrative, operational and IT costs by 64%. unifying all digital channels.

No overhead administration. No product maintenance or management. No manual processes. With our unique approach, Cerve delivers complete automation that scales your business with minimal effort, low cost of investment, for maximum benefit.

Dan Mazig, Founder – dan@cerve.com


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