Digital Product Content



NIQ Brandbank is the leading provider of digital product content solutions powering omnichannel shopping experiences.


NIQ Broadbank enables brands and retailers to deliver the best shopping experience by giving them the ability to capture and share rich digital product content on all channels seamlessly. NIQ Brandbank’s end-to-end solutions connect shoppers to the most up to date and relevant digital product content making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging.


The world’s biggest brands including Tesco, Walmart, Carrefour, P&G and Unilever use NIQ Brandbank every day to digitalise the shopper experience.


With over 25 years of experience and operating in 39 countries, NIQ Brandbank is the content partner to over 52,000+ brands, 700+ retailers, and wholesalers across the globe, creating a rich online shopping experience, while minimising the cost and complexity for the industry.


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