Portland Fuel helps wholesalers and suppliers to manage their fuel costs.

Portland Pricing

  • Drive a better deal with your bulk fuel / fuel card suppliers by having visibility of the premiums being charged
  • Know when to buy fuel and when to wait, taking advantage of market movements
  • Daily information from just £23.75 + VAT per month (FWD discount) – this can save you £000’s annually

Portland Fuel Cards

  • Take a competitive weekly fuel card price, or have a totally fixed pence per litre price locked in for up to 12 months
  • No minimum time periods, volumes or transaction fees
  • 3 UK networks available with national coverage

Portland Fuel Price Protection

  • Determine precisely what your wholesale fuel costs will be, by fixing them for 1 to 12 months
  • Lock in your fuel budget with zero fees and reduce the impact of unpredictable fuel prices
  • Option to keep your physical fuel supply arrangements as they are, or have Portland deliver the fuel to you

Portland Analytics

  • We show where and how savings can be made in your fuel purchasing
  • Average saving £50,000 per year, or 1.25 pence on every litre


Jon Rosenthal – Sales Director
Tel: 01904 570021
Mobile: 07787 578928
Email: jon@portland-fuel.co.uk