Helping convenience stores grow sales


With over 1500 convenience store partners and rising fast, Snappy Shopper is UK’s most prominent grocery delivery platform. We provide the technology and tools to enable retailers to grow significant additional revenues. Several of our top stores achieve in excess of £1 million of additional sales per year through Snappy, of which 80% are from new customers and order values are 160% greater than those in-store. We are on track to deliver £1.3 Billion of sales for convenience stores by early 2024.

We are forming partnerships with the UK’s most prominent wholesalers and distributors since, by delivering convenience store growth, we are generating larger wholesaler and distributor orders. We do this in light of the dark stores eroding the performance of your customer base. Like Natalie, we can help your retailer’s achieve 50% growth in sales in under 18 months by working with Snappy Shopper