The SPB Global Corporation

SPB, a big family with lots of expertise.

A family business with over 40 years of experience and a team of 650 people whose aim is to

transform people’s expectations into experiences and improve their quality of life. We are a

passionate, curious and hard-working team with comprehensive experience in developing products for your home or office. We drive the industry forward through good quality and efficient products that you can enjoy and trust; we are confident that our R&D centre and 5 manufacturing plants reassure that these expectations get met.

We are experts in developing Disinfectant, Cleaning, Dishwashing, Laundry and Personal Care

products. Our background and know-how allow us always to look ahead, meet the unique industry challenges and take it to a new level of efficiency. Our clients and consumers are an essential part of our work, and their needs are always our key focus.

Therefore, at SPB, we work towards the main goal: making your life simpler and better every day.

Why SPB?

We make value-added products by leveraging experience, in-depth market insights and a capacity for innovation thanks to versatile and powerful production infrastructure. We offer FWD Members a great variety of solutions and services, always working with respect for our team, the environment and the community.

If you would like to learn more about SPB, please contact our team or visit our website.

Kaizer Tejabwala

07855 555786

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