Green Global Energy is a new breed of energy business.  It is made up of a highly experienced team who are on a mission to improve the business energy market for our customers.  Many independent studies have concluded that businesses are spending way too much on energy every year and we intend to challenge this and redress the balance by putting the ‘power’ back in the hands of the consumer (excuse the pun).

By focusing on every aspect of business’ energy consumption, we can effectively manage a customer’s energy account – looking at purchasing strategies, helping with new site connections and monitoring consumption to implement efficiency measures.

Here at Green Global energy, we take the ‘hassle’ out of managing your energy account.  We understand that navigating the energy market can be a daunting task, with  a vast amount of suppliers, contract types and tariffs, it’s a real minefield.  Green Global Energy are here to help.  By engaging with us through the Federation of Wholesale Distributors we can offer the following services to give you peace of mind that you are not paying over the odds for your energy supply.

  • Bill Validation – we will validate your bills to check for erroneous charges, and the rate you are paying is a fair one for your business.
  • Account Management – We will always be on hand to help and support throughout the entire duration of your contract.
  • Our renewals team constantly monitor the energy market and will, if appropriate contact you to advise mid-term renewals if the market has attractive and cost effective options available.
  • Procurement – We pride ourselves on getting highly competitive deals for our clients.
  • Renewables and Green credentials – no longer a nice thing to consider, but the right thing to consider, we can source energy from 100% renewable sources cheaper than other ‘brown’ tariffs.
  • We can help you manage government initiatives, such as ESOS and ESOS phase 2.



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