Mirakl offers the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. Our vision of the future is not monopolized by digital giants, but one where organizations that have pioneered their industries have been empowered to compete and continue to lead in an increasingly digital world.

Mirakl enables food and beverage wholesalers to gain a competitive edge in their industry and grow share of wallet. By launching their own online marketplace, F&B wholesalers are able to address a more diverse set of customer needs, adapt more quickly and cost-effectively to market unpredictability, and unlock profitability growth opportunities across new categories. The marketplace model gives them the advantage to scale faster, take on less risk, and optimize profitability across categories. Platforms are the new competitive advantage in eCommerce, and the world’s most trusted brands choose Mirakl for its comprehensive solution of technology, expertise, and the Mirakl Connect ecosystem to unlock the power of the platform business model for them.

As a result companies like Turner Price, Metro, UNFI, Astore by AccorHotels, Premier, Carrefour, The Kroger Co., Changi Airport, The Kroger Co. and Toyota Material Handling gain the speed, scale and agility to win in the changing eCommerce landscape. To reach out and to learn more please visit our website https://www.mirakl.com/


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