• Who are Payment Pros?

Payment Pros is a payments consultancy practice, focused on helping businesses understand all aspects of card payments, and helping them find the optimal provider for their business. Our co-founders have over 50 years combined experience in the payments, financing & card acceptance arena, which we feel best positions us to provide credible and knowledgeable expertise to our customers – all at no fee to our customers.

  • What was it that encouraged you to join FWD?

We have previously worked with the FWD team and their members for several years. Having stayed in close contact with the FWD team, it seemed like a natural fit given the value Payment Pros can provide to FWD members, and from personal experiences, achieving cost efficiency and bottom line savings in a swift and easy manner will greatly appeal to the FWD members & suppliers.

  • What we offer the membership/wholesale sector and its suppliers?

We will be able to help FWD wholesale members and its suppliers achieve bottom line savings in a swift and easy manner. As detailed on our website – we work with the widest range of partners in the UK market. This allows us to fully canvas the marketplace offerings, solution options, and proposed commercial costings for each specific customer enquiry. Payment Pros look to save its customers time, we do the heavy lifting for them, whilst overlaying extensive Industry expertise to find the optimal partner which will help drive significant savings. We analyse existing set up, contact our range of partners, and then summarise in a singular proposal the best option for the company.

  • The future?

It is an exciting time for Payment Pros, we deal already with over 200 enquiries a month. We knew there would be an appetite for our services, especially when you consider the impact COVID had had on increasing card payment volumes dramatically (versus cash), however it is clear this has become a more heightened area of focus for all businesses from SME’s up to multinational corporates – all of which we are currently supporting.

Gregg Morris

Founder & MD


 07479 371696

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