Find the magic in your margins 

To drive profits and improve cash flow, wholesalers need to have pinpoint accuracy and full visibility of their pricing and rebate management.

Flintfox is a global leader in intelligent pricing software and is on a mission to help wholesalers and distributors make incremental gains by expertly executing their pricing strategies, identifying opportunities for margin growth and enabling sales teams to generate bespoke prices on the spot, as well as managing rebates and promotions with precision.


Supporting wholesalers as they manage order volatility, returns and the complexities of buy-side and sell-side pricing, our Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform simplifies complex manual processes, replacing spreadsheets and saving days worth of data crunching.

With Flintfox, wholesalers can:

  • Calculate high volumes of prices in real-time from one central source
  • Automate payments and claims for increased speed and accuracy
  • Connect e-commerce and store pricing systems
  • Reduce lost revenue and drive profitability


Flintfox: The Future of Intelligent Pricing Explained from Flintfox International on Vimeo.

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Guy Orridge

Sales Development Manager