Sales Data

SalesOut help FMCG manufacturers delve into the data of their Out of Home Sales.

Complex data is made simple so our customers can focus on the business decisions that really matter.

This year we will launch our new visualisation platform, Unify. The aim of this is to help you to see your data and use it effectively to deliver business growth.

SalesOut Unify is our new data visualisation platform developed in partnership with IRI, to make analysis easy. You will be able to visualise, enhance and centralise your data to meet your business needs.

Whether you want to track distribution, understand sales performance or identify new ways you can grow sales, this platform will help save you time. With SalesOut Unify, you can access insights from different devices including your PC, iPad or other tablet. Everyone gets the right information whenever and wherever they need it, so your team can focus on the tasks which really matter.

Take a look at the Unify video to see how we could help you to visualise how your products are performing at

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