Become opportunity ready. Unlock the additional funding you need to seize new growth opportunities.

In today’s fast-paced markets predicting what’s coming isn’t easy. That’s why we help entrepreneurially minded businesses like yours be ready to seize opportunities—whenever they arise—by unlocking an additional source of cash from your business.


Freedom to invest in business growth


With TradeBridge you can free up cash from your payables that can then be invested in key business growth areas:

  • Develop innovative business strategies that disrupt your market
  • Attract stronger suppliers by offering more favourable payment terms and increased payment flexibility
  • Improve margins by paying suppliers sooner to secure better pricing

Unlock the cash opportunity hidden in your payables

Our unique financing programme lets you take longer to pay your invoices while we pay your suppliers based on your set terms—or even earlier if you want to give them preferential treatment. For example, say you normally pay your suppliers in 30 days. With our programme in place, you can pay TradeBridge in 60 days. We still pay your suppliers in 30 days, giving you 30 days of additional cash on your Balance Sheet. Financing costs are simple: you are only charged based on the value of the invoices that you take longer to pay and the number of days you choose to extend your payments.


Simple to set up

Financing needn’t be complicated and expensive to set up. Our new tech-enabled approach lets you quickly start accessing this new source of financing:

  • Be up and running in days.
  • Unlock funding that sits alongside your existing facilities
  • No complex legal documents
  • Only pay for what you use

Ready to talk?


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