Supplier Council
FWD’s Supplier Council and its sub-groups take forward collaborative programmes for the benefit of wholesalers, suppliers and customers.

The Council has a revolving membership of five wholesalers and five suppliers. All FWD Supplier Partners are invited to contribute to its working groups.

The aims of the Council are:

  • Wholesalers and suppliers better understanding each other’s needs
  • Understand wholesale customers in all channels through insight
  • Promoting the sector to stakeholders at all levels
  • Adding value to FWD’s operations to ensure maximum effectiveness

In 2018 its priorities are:

  • Developing strategies for recruiting, developing and retaining new talent into the wholesale sector
  • Standardising procedures in the ordering and transport of products between supplier and wholesalers.
  • Commissioning research into the habits and needs of the customer base.

The Supplier Council is an open opportunity for Supplier Partners and wholesalers to work together for
the benefit of both parties, so if you have any suggestions for work streams or if
you would like to get involved, please let us know.