Done deal
Where are we now?

With a trading deal agreed and likely to be passed by MPs, we’re looking at how the new arrangements will affect the wholesale channel.

Among the main changes are:

  • rules of origin will apply to goods in order to qualify for preferential trade terms under the agreement;
  • all imports will be subject to customs formalities and will need to comply with the rules of the importing party;
  • all imports into the EU must meet all EU standards and will be subject to regulatory checks and controls for safety, health and other public policy purposes.
Government resources

EU Exit Food Hub

The EU Exit Food Hub is being updated following the Trade and Cooperation Agreement to reflect new arrangements for business.




Digital Food and Drink Guide

The Government has launched a new digital guide covering the key actions food and drink businesses may need to take after the end of the transition period from  January 1. 2021.

What we know