Food and beverage distributors know one thing for sure: keeping demanding customers happy isn’t easy, it’s a daily grind. That’s why 9 out of the top 15 US food distributors, including US Foods and Performance Food Group, rely on Descartes to help manage their delivery operations.

Descartes isn’t just about software, it’s about results. Their  cloud-based delivery software helps food and beverage distributors to:

  • Deliver More, Spend Less: Optimise delivery routes and schedules with AI-powered technology, maximising delivery capacity and vehicle utilisation to reduce operational costs. Fewer miles per delivery means less fuel consumed.


  • Happy Customers, Happy Business: Offer flexible costed delivery options, with accurate time windows that customers can select at the time of placing an order. While real-time order tracking and delivery messaging keeps customers updated on their delivery.


  • Go Green and Save: Sustainable practices are built-in. Optimised delivery routes minimise mileage, leading to lower CO2 emissions and fuel savings. Plus, say goodbye to paper mountains with our electronic proof of delivery software.


Traditional strategies are failing in food and beverage deliveries. Descartes has a proven track record for:

  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline processes with integrated mobile apps for drivers and dispatchers, ensuring smooth deliveries and efficient exception handling.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Empower customers with self-service tools for real-time order tracking and delivery notifications.


  • Sustainability Made Simple: Reduce your environmental impact while saving money through route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery.


Ready to transform your food and beverage delivery operations?

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