Future Leaders Forum
Volunteers in the kitchen

FWD has held its first ever volunteer day with The Felix project, a charity which creates 5000 meals a day from food which was
destined for landfill.

The day saw 14 wholesalers and suppliers head over to Poplar in East London ready to roll their sleeves up and help to prep thousands of meals in the professional kitchen.

Not hairnets nor standard issue clogs could suppress the enthusiasm of this generous bunch who spent eight hours peeling, scrubbing, chopping, stirring, measuring and weighing ingredients that ended up filling the tummies of those in communities in need.

FWD Future Leader member Lorraine Hartley said: “It was truly an honour to be able to volunteer at Felix’s Kitchen (The Felix Project) as part of The Future Leaders Programme for The Federation of Wholesale Distributors. I’d like to thank my Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I and Bidfood UK friends for keeping the spirits high when we thought our hands might drop off. What a fantastic job all of the volunteers at The Felix Project do. To be able to get out 5000 freshly made meals
a day to those who need them all from surplus food which would otherwise go into landfill is  truly amazing.”

Keep your eyes peeled for new volunteer opportunities in 2023.