Wholesale Star Awards 2024

The stars of wholesale were celebrated at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 7 May in a sunny ceremony overlooking some of London’s most iconic sights. Twenty-seven award winners were recognised for their commitment to skills development through training via an apprenticeship or further study while at work. Managers joined their Wholesale Stars and heard from Mark Spencer MP, Minister of State for Food, Farming & Fisheries along with Labour MP Bill Esterson. Both acknowledged the important role of skills training in a sector that is vital to the UK economy. Winners had the opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament before the ceremony and were greeted by MPs from their constituency. Congratulations to all our Wholesale Stars for 2024!


Congratulations to our 2024 winners!
Sunanda Shah, Accounts Manager, Welch and Tidy Ltd
Sunanda is a dedicated Accounts Manager with 22 years of experience, showcasing leadership in strategic financial planning and cost-saving initiatives.

Sunanda’s journey from Accounts Assistant reflects continuous growth and innovation, driving the company's financial success.
Jagtar Singh Gill, Purchase Manager, Welch and Tidy Ltd
Jagtar is a versatile Purchase Manager, advancing from Warehouse Assistant with notable achievements in optimising procurement processes.

Jagtar's leadership and adaptability demonstrate a significant impact on organisational efficiency and growth.
Josie Swift, Head of Purchasing, Harlech Foodservice
Josie is a dynamic Head of Purchasing, recognised for her rapid career progression and exceptional rapport with suppliers.

Josie's leadership and commitment to development highlight her influential role within the industry.
Ahmed Lawal, Data Technician, Caterforce Ltd
Ahmed has been a significant contributor at Caterforce, enhancing data utilisation and business planning.

Ahmed's dedication and positive impact deserve recognition for driving meaningful change within the organisation. 
Rebecca Woollam, Own Brand Marketing Manager, Caterforce
Rebecca has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination throughout her career, progressing from an artworker to the role of Own Brand Marketing Manager.

Her commitment to personal development is evident through her pursuit of a Mini MBA, which has equipped her with advanced skills and knowledge to excel in her leadership role within the marketing team. 
Jeanette Blatherwick, Accounts Administrator, Sugro UK
Invaluable during financial system transitions, excelling in problem-solving and mentorship, Jeanette's expertise and dedication to continuous improvement have been instrumental in ensuring operational success.
Humeera Manzoor, Marketing Administrator, Sugro UK
Humeera is a passionate marketing leader at Sugro, driving successful initiatives and industry engagement.

Her commitment to learning and development underscores her proactive approach and impact within the wholesale industry. 
Lisa Barber, Proposition Manager, A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd
With extensive experience in foodservice, Lisa is celebrated for her outstanding customer service and dedication to professional development.

Her pursuit of a post-graduate qualification showcases her continuous commitment to personal growth and industry excellence, making her a positive and influential figure in her field. 
Rosie Labbett, Client Services Manager, Woods Foodservice
Rosie's journey from Client Account Manager to Client Services Manager at Woods reflects her unwavering commitment to exceptional service and continuous professional development.

Her pursuit of a Business Management degree at the London School of Economics underscores her ambition and dedication within the company. 
Bella McGregor, Marketing Assistant, The Country Range Group
Bella's career progression from temporary contract in our administration team to Marketing Assistant at The Country Range Group showcases her proactive approach to skill development.

Her commitment to ongoing learning through practical training and formal courses demonstrates her determination to excel in marketing. 
Viki Wilkinson, Category Buyer, The Country Range Group
Viki's career evolution from Assistant Buyer to Category Buyer reflects her deep expertise and commitment to the wholesale sector.

Her completion of advanced courses signifies her ongoing dedication to learning and supporting internal teams and suppliers with excellence. 
Mila Young, Telesales Executive, Bidfood
Mila's outstanding performance as a Telesales Executive highlights her strong work ethic and rapid mastery of processes.

Her pursuit of personal and professional growth, exemplified by achieving distinctions in exams, underscores her dedication to a successful career path. 
Thomas Perks, Administration-Commercial Apprentice, Bidfood
Thomas's transition from Commercial Apprentice to Sales Administrator at Bidfood underscores his dedication and adaptability in the sales domain.

Known for his positive influence on team dynamics, Thomas is poised for further growth and success within Bidfood. 
Sheree Hatton, Commerce Area Leader, Suma Wholefoods
As a Commerce Zone Leader, Sheree exhibits exceptional dedication to leadership and ongoing learning.

Her decision to pursue external training through a Level 5 ILM in Leadership & Management demonstrates her proactive approach to developing her skills and driving success within her role. 
Leyla Motisi, Digital Communications Manager, JJ Foodservice
Leyla plays a pivotal role in JJ's social media strategy and influencer relations, contributing significantly to customer engagement and brand visibility.

Her hard work, helpfulness, and continuous learning make her an indispensable asset to the company's marketing efforts. 
Kane Wingfield, Design and Marketing Manager, SOS Wholesale Ltd
Kane is a highly innovative Design and Marketing Manager known for his creative vision and community engagement.

His diverse project leadership, particularly in charity and community initiatives, reflects his commitment to making a positive impact both within the company and in broader societal contexts. 
Surinder Mann, Mid-Shift Supervisor, SOS Wholesale Ltd
Surinder's leadership within the industry is characterised by his proactive engagement in senior roles and dedication to ongoing improvement.

His strategic vision and commitment to advancing organisational objectives highlight his invaluable impact within the sector. 
Mehmet Direkoglu, Branch Manager, JJ Foodservice Ltd
Mehmet's journey from shop floor worker to Branch Manager exemplifies his versatility and commitment to business growth.

He has successfully navigated various roles within the company, demonstrating strong operational and HR skills that have contributed to the successful establishment and expansion of the Wimbledon branch. 
Rebecca Brook, Head of Group Inventory, VOW Wholesale
Rebecca's expertise in inventory and supply chain management is complemented by her pursuit of a Level 7 Apprenticeship in Senior Leadership.

Her ability to balance day-to-day responsibilities with advanced professional development underscores her ambition and drive to excel within her role as head of Group Inventory. 
Elle Butler, Marketing Executive, VOW Wholesale
As a Marketing Executive, Elle has shown exceptional dedication to personal growth and skill development.

Her proactive pursuit of formal marketing qualifications alongside her role demonstrates her enthusiasm and commitment to building a successful career within the industry. 
Arthur Day, Regional Sales Manager, Sysco GB
Arthur's dedication to sales leadership and industry development is evident through his participation in a senior leadership apprenticeship.

His commitment to connecting with customers and advancing the company's mission underscores his value as a key contributor within Sysco GB. 
Charlotte Austin, Warehouse Supervisor, A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd
Charlotte's role as a warehouse supervisor extends beyond traditional duties, with a focus on transport-related operations and auditing.

Her efforts to enhance operational efficiency through training and skill development highlight her dedication to continuous improvement within her area of responsibility. 
John Sipawa, Finance Associate, Sysco GB
John's journey in finance is characterised by his relentless pursuit of qualifications and commitment to team development.

His work ethic and rapport-building skills make him a standout example of professional growth within the finance sector. 
Harrison Holmes, IT Support, Pricecheck
Harrison’s dedication to IT support and continuous learning is evident through his proactive approach to process improvement.

His pursuit of further qualifications demonstrates his commitment to professional growth within the IT domain. 
Jack Loach, Management Accountant, Pricecheck
Jack's journey from Assistant Accountant to fully qualified Management Accountant at Pricecheck reflects his resilience and determination.

His proactive leadership in finance projects underscores his capability and contribution to financial reporting and compliance within the organisation. 
Natalie Gaunt, Junior Trading Controller, Unitas Wholesale
Natalie's passion for supply chain management and continuous improvement shines through her role at Unitas Wholesale.

Her dedication to delivering value and implementing best practices underscores her impact as a key contributor to the organization's success. 
Laura Rowell, Trade Marketing Manager, Unitas Wholesale
Laura's progression from Marketing Executive to Trade Marketing Manager reflects her exceptional dedication and growth within the marketing field.

Her expanded responsibilities, including event management and process oversight, highlight her capability and leadership within the team.